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No pennies, no pressure
Hello everyone
I know it's been forever, about 3 months since I've even posted anything, but I'm still around, busy as hell but around. Almost the end of my third semester and its just been go-go-go since September pretty much. Just a few things that have happened since September:
1) Best friend is pregnant - and it's going to be a boy!
2) 3/4ths of the way done the MBA (yayz)
3) No closer to finding Teh Job
4) Couple of entrepreneurial projects in the works
5) Completely into Heroes and still into Veronica Mars (though it isnt' as good as season 2)
6) In love with Daniel Craig

that's it really. No time for anything other than work.

Oh, and I got really pretty christmas cards, so if anyone wants one, plz give me your addresses (again, beacuse I lost the lot from last year), and I'll send them out later in teh week or early next week. Comments are screened, of course.

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So, I had to post this here, because wtf.

My dad is probably going to be working with Brangelina in their newest movie that's shooting right now. He's acting. My dad. Acting. Speaking role and everything. Apparently they loved him, and want him, but he's being pricey and saying that because of his business committments, he can only spare a day.

Whatever. I have been in love with Mr Abs o'steel ever since I was like 11. If my dad does this, it will literally make my year. I only wish I was IN THE FUCKING COUNTRY THEY'RE FILMING right now. Ah well, consider me cooler by proxy.... if it all works out of course.

Other strange things have happened, but this one deserved its own post.

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Have been dreadfully busy the past 3 weeks or so, so no time for posting. Or sleeping. Or recovering from the worst cold ever. So here's a synopsis.

1) School restarted.
2) Have been on my feet all day for the past 3 weeks.
3) Went to a weekend camp thing, volunteered, had a wild time, lost my voice, got sick. Made friends with the hot singer from the band, hung around campfires, played silly games, partied like crazy, didn't get drunk (go me), and general insanity occured overall.
4) Still sick.
5) Decided to go to India over the winter break, am now flying on the 24th.
6) Have a new gay boyfriend, went to my first ever gay club in Toronto yesterday. Also saw my first baseball game yesterday, and BOY was it boring.
7) Went to someone's birthday party tonight, then to a girly strip club with some friends after, and got writhed upon by two very naked women.

That's about it, granted it's been fairly hectic. Lots of school work, both curricular and otherwise. How has everyone been?

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So I'm staying on till the 3rd now - something's come up with my friend and she wanted to me to stay on. I keep feeling like I'm intruding right now, and I didn't really want to stay but with this thing that came up, I have to be there for her too. I dunno, I have a very bad feeling about all this and I can't wait to get home.

How is everyone? I miss the fandom. It was, if nothing else, comfortingly familiar.

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Just checking in from Orlando. Been here since the beginning of the week, am going to be here till Wednesday. Missed Armchairness again and haven't written. Have been shopping a whoooole lot though, and the other day I even went out, in a hot pink dress with pink 'fuck me' heels and long hair and everything. Totally looked like a girl and totally unlike me.
Worked the concession stall at my friends' stand at the convention all day today, am dead tired. Good to know my MBA is coming in use for something. 
*waves to flist*

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So I completely and totally fucked up and put both feet, elbows and possibly a kidney into my mouth today, probably pissed off someone who holds my MBA degree in his hands, and may have screwed up things for my entire group. Go me.

I'm scared to check my email now. 

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Title: Sharing

Author: smoo_001

Pairing: H/D

Summary: Harry brings home a puppy, and Draco is most definitely not pleased.

Written as a birthday fic for adorkable37 and for the AWDT prompt ‘I’m going to fuck you like an animal’.  Unbetaed. One of these days I'm going to have to find me a beta reader.

Rating: M-ish

Word Count: 1,517. So much for brevity.


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I just saw 'Farewell my Concubine'. Wow. Just... wow. Sexually charged, visually breathtaking, tragic both in concept and its historical backdrop and influences and just an overall feast for all the senses. Everyone, EVERYONE who hasn't seen this absolutely must. I'm still processing it, but wow, what an experience. Deserving of every single accolade and then some.

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During the week: Got pissed at mom for not being able to come, and then got even more pissed at stupid fucktard fundamentalists who can't seem to keep it in their pants. And by it, I mean their brains, because they obviously store them in their arses. Let me tell you something, nowhere in the Quran does it condone the killing of innocents. And not to mention, ruin things like letting me meet my family by trying to pull stupid stunts. Arseholes. And I mean that in the worst possible way.

Anyway, so now she's not coming, because she was to fly to New York via London, around the time these flights were scheduled to ... you know. So obviously, since there's no way of knowing whether the whole operation has been effectively terminated yet, she's going to maybe come later in the year. Which is still good, but I'm going to be too busy to be able to spend too much time with her.

Thursday: Decided to quit whinging and moping and being a general wet blanket lest my meagre vacation pass me by, I had lunch with a friend (who just happens to be the dude P's totally in love with -- hee) and then went to the Royal Ontario Museum all by my lonesome. I love it, just letting myself get lost inside a museum for a few hours.

Friday: Went to beerfest with some friends, even though I dont' drink beer. We had free tickets, so whatever. Then, pub night, where again I didn't drink, but it was okay either way. Stayed up waay too late watching Kyle XY.

Saturday: Went to a park with a bunch of school people, played Ultimate Frisbee a lot, I really do suck. But it's fun, and I did better today than before, so whatever. Then we went for beers, I sat around for a while, did a little shopping - BOUGHT MY FIRST BIKINI!! I'll never get around to wearing it, but I just wanted to have one. Also made Thai yellow curry with basil rice for dinner. Came out pretty well actually.

Tomorrow (Sunday): I have a 5 hour long meeting for this retreat the MBA's go on in the Fall - basically like summer camp with (allowed) alcohol. Which means I can't go to the beach tomorrow. Eh. Whatever. I still plan to go to Orlando later in the month, so I plan to do some sunning at that point. And hang with C. Let's just hope this one doesn't fall through either.

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I just saw 'Requiem for a Dream' as part of my 'movies I've been meaning to watch but never really get around to' series. What a mindfuck.

Also, WTF fetishists. A bit of kink never hurt anybody I suppose, and you know, live and let live and all that, and I'll even get this whole pain/pleasure thing. Okay, I don't get it, but whatever floats your boat I guess. But two things I'll never EVER get is (1) kids and the perverted stuff people do with them, and (2) the whole defecating thing. ew.

In other news, mom and brother can't come visit me after all. Which SUCKS ASS.

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