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No pennies, no pressure

21 December

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 1149677
Date Created:2003-06-30
Number of Posts: 19

Smoo is a representative of the Foo clan. She is often abstruse, and believes in being vague above all things. That, and the fact that cheese is evil.
Strengths: Have mouth, will bullshit. Can eat large amounts of cherries at single go. Can carry off leather pants.
Weaknesses: Extremely stubborn, chooses to call it 'independence'. Right food permanently resides in mouth. Eats too much yogurt. Harbours unnatural obsession for caffienated products.
Special Skills: Pinky- foo: the lost art of bullshitting. Male manipulation. Clearing tall buildings in a single leap.
Weapons: Forked tongue. Spinning kick, usually aimed at male testicular area. Super charged Pinky Finger Fire. Freeze- stare
Motto: Spank first, ask questions later.

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